Discover SWIMFEST Jamaica: First Ever Permanent Swimwear Pop-Up Shop in Jamaica

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SWIMFEST can be described as “a permanent multi-line pop-up shop offering short-term/long-term retail space to a rotating selection of Swimwear, Resort wear, and Lifestyle brands to increase visibility, accessibility, and market shares”.

The brand allows Swimwear, Resort wear, and Lifestyle brands to connect and engage with customers in a real-world setting, as well as increase brand presence and awareness locally and internationally. 

Haute People was able to visit the location and chatted with its Principal Tashana Hutchinson who told us about the concept of the brand and gave us an insight into the Swimwear + Resort Wear Industry in Jamaica.

Discover SWIMFEST Jamaica: First Ever Permanent Swimwear Pop-Up Shop in Jamaica

swim fest jamaica

HP: Tell us About Yourself

SWIMFEST: I’m Tashana Hutchinson, the Founder and CEO of SWIMFEST Jamaica and the Designer for the brand Giirli Gurlz. My background did not start in Fashion, it’s actually very Corporate. I worked with a large Telecommunications company and started to branch out and work in different Caribbean Islands with the same company. While I was away, I asked myself a few questions:

“What is it that I love to do”

It then came to me that I love Swimwear and I love to design. That’s where it started. I started in 2013 when I designed my first Collection and it was a hit; I continued and perfected my craft. Here we are today, at SWIMFEST Jamaica.

Swimfest Jamaica

HP: When was SWIMFEST Launched and what is the Concept of the store?

SWIMFEST: We haven’t yet officially launched, but we opened our doors in 2022 as a weeklong Pop-up. The concept behind SWIMFEST is to have a multi-line showroom for Designers. As a designer, I started out and realized that getting into a Gift Shop in the Hotel was hard and the Designers are so creative, especially all the girls in the store! They however don’t have a place to have their stuff on a rack. I decided to share my space with the other girls as I believe that:

“We are better together”

In a nutshell, SWIMFEST is a multi-line showroom for Designers. All the pieces in store are pieces of Jamaican Designers or people who are from the Jamaican bloodline. 

swim fest jamaica

HP: What are some of the offerings?

SWIMFEST: At Swimfest we offer:

  • Swimwear
  • Resortwear
  • Lifestyle Wear

When I say “Lifestyle Wear”, I mean pieces that you could put on that is easy, cool, and chic. We have Swimwear and we do have Resortwear. If you need pieces to go to the Beach and enjoy the lifestyle aspect, we offer that. 

“As an Island Girl, I’m supposed to look the part and feel the part”

HP: Who are some of the Designers you currently have in store?

SWIMFEST: We carry some amazing Designers! We have Giirli Gurlz which is my line. We have Kris Jackson, Kaj by Summer Jarrett, MiSim BeachBabe–the Pattern Specialist. We have Ingy Roe, she has beautiful Resortwear and I live in her dresses! We also have a Designer from New York, Mineral Melange Swim –her parents are Jamaican and she’s just the sweetest girl to  have her brand with us. 


HP: Where can we find you?

SWIMFEST: We are located at 5 Maryfield Close. Our landmark is the Bob Marley Museum. We are immediately left after the Museum and located at the end of that road. You will see our large SWIMFEST sign, which then means you have arrived. 

You can also contact us

Phone: (876) 846-7907

Opening Hours

Tues-Fri: 10am to 6pm

Sat: 10am to 7pm

Keep up with SWIMFEST online:

Instagram: @swim.fest   

TikTok: swimfest

YouTube: Swim Fest Ja

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