Project Runway Season 20 Episode 3 Recap: A Rollercoaster Ride of Creativity

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Project Runway Season 20 continues to captivate audiences with its exhilarating challenges and fierce competition among talented designers. Episode 3 takes us deeper into the world of fashion, showcasing the designers’ creativity, determination, and ability to navigate through unexpected twists.

Join us as we recap the thrilling events of this whimsical episode.

Project Runway Season 20 Episode 3 Recap: A Rollercoaster Ride of Creativity

Episode 3 introduces the designers to a unique challenge, pushing their creative boundaries and forcing them to think outside the box. The task at hand saw the designers being taken to the iconic FAO Schwarz in New York where they were to create whimsical designs from toys. Sounds simple enough right? Well, I guess it is if you are a talented and seasoned designer like this year’s contestants. For this challenge, they were given a budget of $2,000, 45 minutes to show, and two (2) days to complete. 

Project Runway Season 20

We saw everything from teddy bears, boomerangs, pianos, and even an umbrella that would be used to create a masterpiece. In true Project Runway Sewing Room Fashion, (pun intended) there was a bit of shade in addition to sewing where Hester gave Fabio and Brittany the side-eye for deciding to use a glue gun in their designs which is understandable as it’s both time-consuming and messy.

We also got a heartfelt apology from Viktor for how he treated Korto in Season 3 — I can understand that when we are young, we might do and say things that can be hurtful to others so I’m glad he saw the errors in his ways and made the bold step to make amends. I can’t help wondering if it was because he ran out of toys and Korto was kind enough to let him get some of hers, either way, we are here to an apologetic king.

The camera then pans over to the clock at 9 pm and we saw the designers out at a restaurant decompressing and having a drink and just catching up. Anna stepped outside to speak with her husband and baby and went back inside to cry briefly. I must admit, I forgot Anna was a part of the cast as she sort of blends in but it could be a strategy as her designs are usually safe and keeps her out of the ones who are in the top or bottom score.

Project Runway Season 20

Anna somehow made it on Christian Siriano’s radar but not in a good way as she created a design that did not quite add up or tell a story. It featured a plastic umbrella as some sort of train and she mentioned something about adding a pacifier for which Christian asked “Is she a baby”? In reference to the mode.

Anyhoo, it’s the next day and finally the runway show and we are introduced to guest judge Stacy Bendet– CEO of Alice and Olivia which was perfect as the brand is known for its whimsical pieces and bold prints that don’t really match, but “go” together.

Project Runway Season 20

In the end, Vitor was named the winner for his amazing blazer dress made from boomerangs and stuffed dinosaurs at the shoulder section of the sleeves and Mila was out!

Come back next week for a recap of Episode 4.

Written by: Lorane Rhoden


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