Jamaica’s Barbie Movie Premiere Shines with Magical Glamour and Charitable Spirit

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Shikima Hinds, a renowned figure in the realm of event decor and wedding planning, has captured the hearts of many with her awe-inspiring creativity and exceptional execution for Jamaica’s Barbie Movie Premiere event in aid of the Jamaica Cancer Society. Operating under her eponymous brand, Shikima Hinds, she has solidified her position as a sought-after partner in crafting extraordinary and unforgettable experiences. Shikima played a pivotal role in the resounding success of the Barbie Movie Premiere Event, which took place last Tuesday, July 25th, at the Carib 5 Movie Cinemas in Crossroads, Kingston.

Barbie Premier Jamaica
Management team at UCA Jamaica

Jamaica’s Barbie Movie Premiere Shines with Magical Glamour and Charitable Spirit

Upon being approached by the event conceptualizers, Brangenic’s CEO Yashel Monteith, and Tamika Campbell of UCA, Shikima’s response was an immediate “yes” to join forces as a partner for the Barbie Movie Premiere. Her passion for bringing dreams to life through decor and execution is evident in every detail of the event. The Barbie space she curated transported attendees into the magical world of Barbie, complete with show-stopping elements like Barbie’s Jeep and an impressive 80-ft pink carpet runway.

Barbie Premier in Kingston Jamaica
Gabrielle Waite, managing director of GabbyGlam Co and Carnival Glam Hub,

Drawing inspiration from the global trends and cherished childhood memories of Barbie, Shikima masterfully merged fantasy with adult glam. From the inclusion of a Gabby Glam “Hi Barbie” makeup touch-up station to the incorporation of Luc Belaire and Grey Goose Barbie-inspired cocktails, every aspect of the event reflected her dedication to crafting a captivating and immersive experience.

Shikima Hinds
Shikima Hinds, Founder Shikima Hinds Hospitality, Concierge, Events

“I’ve always been captivated by Barbie and her magical world since I was a little girl,” Shikima said. “Having the opportunity to recreate and bring this cherished memory to life has been an event planner’s dream come true. It’s about blending childhood fantasy with adult sophistication, and I’m honoured to have been a part of this extraordinary event, especially because it was also in aid of the Jamaica Cancer Society to bring awareness to Breast Cancer. As a woman, this is a very important message that cannot be promoted enough or mentioned enough. I felt I was doing my part.”

Shikima’s heartfelt words reflect her deep connection to the event’s purpose and the impact it carries in raising awareness for Breast Cancer. For more information on Shikima Hinds and her exceptional services, please visit her website [shikimahinds.com].

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