Dive into the ‘Dirty’ Soca Playground at GenXS Immortal’s Battlefield

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In the realm of ‘Dirty Fetes’, GenXS sets the stage for an unparalleled experience with the upcoming GenXS Immortal’s Battlefield, the first big Soca Fete for the 2024 Carnival in Jamaica season. This is a water party with the best International and local Soca DJs pumping from dawn until the middle of the day.

Dive into the ‘Dirty’ Soca Playground at GenXS Immortal’s Battlefield

What to Wear:

GenXs Jamaica

  1. Swim Suit: Unleash that fete body with the rule of thumb being: Less is more.
  2. Sunglasses: A must-have under the Jamaican morning sun.
  3. Water-gear: Crocs, Water Boots, Old Sneakers, Umbrellas, Water Jackets, and Waterproof phone cases. Ladies, if you’re concerned about your hair – wrap it up, bag it up, or cover it up. It’s a wet fete, everything is getting wet.
  4. Sunblock: SPF over 30 is recommended, coupled with hats and umbrellas for the dainty.
  5. Accessories: Friends are your best accessories. Gather your crew! Buy four tickets, get the fifth one free.

Other notable accessories include fancy coolers and fashionable alcohol tote bags.

“GenXS knows how to throw a ‘Dirty’ party, and Battlefield is a hybrid of our Immortal’s J’ouvert on Carnival Saturday.

Battlefield is the Ultimate Wet Up Fete with powder cannons blasting vibes, so everyone’s getting wet and dutty. It’s a stationary J’ouvert that brings all the energy and excitement in one place. Take your water squirters, wear your water boots, and bring your crews. Remember, this is a cooler fete, so bring your bottles. Make sure to arrive before 8:00 am while coolers are allowed to avoid missing out on the fun.” – Kino Johnson, GenXS Director, comments.

GenXs JamaicaMore about Battlefield:

As a novel concept under the Immortals brand, Battlefield focuses on crews battling for bragging rights and prizes such as Best Crew Couture (best crew outfit), Maddest Crew Vibes, and Coolest Cooler with additional individual prizes such as Lone Ranger (Best Solo Outfit, male/female). Water-based installations will be strategically placed to ensure everyone gets wet. Teams are encouraged to get creative with their coolers and to bring their water toys, blow-ups, super soakers, and cannons. This is not your regular wet fete and will include team activities and battle zones.

“At Battlefield, we’re not just making memories; we’re creating a soca playground. It’s a messy, wet fete that allows you to come as you are, freeing up, letting loose, and making new friends. Tanks, cut-up tees, fishnets, shorts, one-piece monokinis, bikinis with leggings— are all perfect for getting dutty and making a statement.”

– Mala Morrison, Managing Director GenXS

Event Details:

  • Where: Liguanea Club
  • Date: Saturday, January 27
  • Time: 6:00 am – 12 noon
  • Presold Ticket price: US$50 or JM$7500
  •  Gate price: $10000 or $75usd
  • Ticket Outlets: Morgans Creek, Jacana New Kingston; CPJ Market, MeJ Jamaica and The Life Store
  • Online Tickets: www.caribtix.com/buy-tickets US$50 or JM$7500
  • Ticket Promotion: Buy 4 tickets, and get the fifth one free.
  • Cooler Rules: Welcome before 8 am.
  • Party Inclusion: breakfast Inclusive and Rumstripe

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