High Fashion at Sashi Experience

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The Sashi Fashion Show made a grand return this year, reigniting its legacy as the kickoff event for the Sashi Weekend. After a two-decade hiatus, the show exhibited the incredible talent within Jamaica’s fashion industry, drawing significant support and attention. 

High Fashion at Sashi Experience

Sashi Fashion Experience

This year’s event highlighted Sashi’s vision to create a platform that showcases Dancehall’s diverse talent pool, including designers, DJs, artists, and sound systems. The show featured acclaimed designers such as Earl “Biggy” Turner, Uzuri International, and Cooyah. 

The evening featured a stunning presentation by Cooyah, famous for its urban street fashion and swimwear. Their collection brought a vibrant energy to the runway, embodying the spirit of Jamaican fashion. This year’s Sashi Fashion Show also saw the return of Dermoth Williams at 

Uzuri International is renowned for their regal female formal wear. Their collection was a highlight of the evening, featuring the current hopefuls of Miss Universe Jamaica, showcasing the evolving inclusivity of the competition. Uzuri International remarked, “This year’s Miss Universe Jamaica competition is historic, with older women, mothers, grandmothers, and married women now eligible to compete. Having our designs showcased by these diverse and inspiring contestants was a proud moment for us.” 

Adding to the excitement, the show culminated with a vibrant display of designs by Biggy, known for his fashion-forward dancehall designs and his work on several international platforms and performers. His collection captivated the audience with its bold and innovative styles. Biggy’s return to the runway was met with great enthusiasm, as he has been noticeably absent from the fashion show scene for a while. 

Sashi Fashion Experience

The runway was graced by upcoming female dancehall sensation Annaleax, who modeled for four sections and was one of the featured models of the night. She shared, “Modeling in four sections of the Sashi Fashion Show was an exhilarating experience. The designers are so passionate about their art, I’m happy I could help to bring their ideas to life.” 

Shanique Singh, reigning Miss Jamaica World, opened and closed the fashion showcase. She remarked, “Being a part of the Sashi Fashion Show was an incredible experience. I’m a huge supporter of our local talent, and being able to wear their clothes on such a big platform was an amazing experience.” 

Sashi Fashion Experience

The event was further enhanced by the participation of one of two older contestants in the Miss Universe Jamaica competition, Elaine Allen-Landy (59), who brought diversity and elegance to the runway. This year’s Miss Universe Jamaica competition has created a significant media buzz with its inclusive rules allowing older women, mothers, grandmothers, and married women to compete. The competition is slated to take place on July 6 and will feature special guest Miss Universe herself, Sheynnis Palacios. 

Tamika Campbell from The Umbrella Creative Agency, producers of the Sashi Fashion Showcase, expressed her pride in the event’s success, saying, “Producing the Sashi Fashion Showcase was a labor of love. The enthusiasm and talent of everyone involved made this event a resounding success.” 

The show attracted considerable local and international press, including coverage by Pat Meschino, a contributing writer for Billboard Magazine. Her presence underscored the significance of the event on the global stage. 

The Sashi Fashion Show, with its blend of established and emerging designers, set the stage for the rest of the Sashi Weekend, proving once again the enduring appeal and vibrancy of Jamaican fashion and culture. 

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