The Truth About Blogging In Jamaica

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Hi Guys!

As you know the Haute People Lifestyle Brand  turns 10 this month and we will be sharing tips and tricks on how to create a successful Blog in Jamaica as well as letting you into this Fabulous world! This will be one of those realistic, truthful and transparent Blog posts so you might want to get a cool drink of your choice as I drop some gems today. I’m sure you saw the topic above, so if you are interested, keep reading, if not, please drop us a comment or share before you go.

The Truth About Blogging In Jamaica

As someone who has been Blogging for 10 years, the first truth I can share is that you need to be passionate about whatever you are writing about and it has to be something you truly love.  

As a great book once said:

The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong” – Ecclesiastes 9:11, King James Version KJV

It will be hard starting

I started Blogging in 2011 when Blogging was a relatively new concept and even newer in Jamaica. It was hard setting up the Blog as there was not a lot of info out there to do so. I invested in a few books, however, most of these were written by Bloggers who lived in the U.K so most of what they wrote about could not be transferred in Jamaica. There was a lot of trial and error where I had to try things the International  Bloggers were doing just to see if it would work here in Jamaica. It was also hard getting relevant equipment such as a DSLR Camera, Laptop, Photographer, Videographer and so on, but I’m a stickler for using what you have so I used my Laptop and a  Canon Camera I had from an old job as well as my imagination to create magic.

Haute People Blog Jamaica

You will not make money Right Away

When people reach out to me as it relates to starting a Blog it’s always because “they want to make money now”. It will take a lot of time to get established and positioning yourself as an expert in your niche before you can start making real money. Once you start receiving 10,000 page views per month on a consistent basis, you can start reaching out to brands and  advertising + blogger networks and they will also start reaching out to you. Be on the look out for those Asian brands who will reach out to you wanting you to feature their product or service for $10.  If you have a large following on a specific Social Media platform, it will be easier to grow and you can bring that audience with you.


You will Meet Amazing People

As cliche’ as it might sound, one of the best things about Blogging is that you get to meet interesting people with interesting jobs. Throughout my Blogging Journey, I have even met Celebrities like: Nick Cannon, George Lopez, Busta Rhymes , Randy Fenoli, CoCo Johnsen just to name a few. It’s important to reach out to people you meet throughout the year (without being annoying)  as it’s important to have a roller deck of individuals you can reach out to as it relates to the growth of your brand and theirs simultaneously.


You will be Scrutinised, Judged and even Ridiculed

Here’s the thing about the Jamaican Culture, people are quick to judge something they don’t understand or have any idea to do so you will have a lot of “why didn’t you do it like this” or “ I would have never done that”. At first it’s easy to think all these people are haters which some of them are, but you can sift through the hate and find constructive criticism to help the brand grow. Be discerning with who you take advice from and above all, keep pushing.

Haute People Blog Jamaica


You will Not be Paid as much as 1st World Bloggers

Jamaica is a country where you are constantly showing your worth and your place in an Industry. With that being said you will not be paid as much as other Bloggers who live overseas. You can have 1 million page views per month and 1 million followers on IG and they will not see the value in paying you USD $10,000 for a campaign or they will try to “bawl down” or lower your price and give the most ridiculous reasons. You will also be compared to other bloggers in your niche who might have an ok presence on Social Media but post 3 times per year. Be prepared for all the above plus more!


It’s Rewarding

Since Blogging is not as popular in Jamaica as a Business, the rewards are amazing! Haute People has been invited to cover exclusive events locally and Internationally.  After all, we were invited to New York Fashion Week two years in a row — this is an Industry where you will see all the hard work you invested. You will have an amazing feeling of appreciation, gratitude and accomplishment which feels really good. It’s like you get to see this crazy dream and vision you had in your head come to life and nobody can take that away from you.

We thank you for all the support for 10 years and we will continue to be a source of information and inspiration if you decide to start your Blogging Journey. Remember to like, share and comment as it improves our SEO and makes us searchable on Google.

#The Truth About Blogging In Jamaica

#The Truth About Blogging In Jamaica

#The Truth About Blogging In Jamaica

#The Truth About Blogging In Jamaica

#The Truth About Blogging In Jamaica


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