This Just In! Green is the Colour of Summer 2022

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Trends are fleeting if you are truly into Fashion! You would have realized that if something is “in” today it can easily be “out” tomorrow thanks to Fast-Fashion! This season, the world has gone green to usher in a fabulous color that needs much praise which is Green! 

I’ve scoured the internet and stalked the Instagram pages of brands like Bottega Veneta and Gucci to see this marvellous hue being sprinkled throughout their collection from 2019 and is still going strong today. If you are a bold color girl or guy, you will love this color revival. Check out a few hues of Summer 2022’s hottest Greens!

This Just In! Green is the Colour of Summer 2022

Kelly Green

Green Fashion Summer Trend 2022

Kelly Green is an intense green that can be found in-between the blue and yellow on the color wheel. The name Kelly comes from the common Irish family name as the color is commonly associated with the famous holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. We’ve seen her on the Runway of brand collections like Bottega Veneta and Gucci and also in Fast-fashion brands like Shein and Fashionova. 

Due to its bold color, you want to exercise control by employing a monochromatic look or pairing her with complimentary colors. I like that this color can take you through a variety of seasons and occasions based on how you style her. If you live in the Caribbean like me, it can be worn all year round and is a great conversation starter as it is a show-stopping colour.

Kiwi Green

Green Fashion Colour 2022

Think of Kiwi Green as Kelly Green’s least optimistic sister who is just as fabulous, but is not as bold! Warm in tone and bright in shade, the pigment popped up at Missoni, Prada, Stine Goya, and more.

It was seen most often in the form of high-shine textures, like metallic and satins, all of which will get the party started. Kiwi Green may be deemed as the nude of greens as it is a soft, beautiful whisper of a color that can be paired with a number of looks. I’ve purchased a linen Kiwi Green cropped top which I’ve paired with denim and have transitioned the look to nighttime by pairing it with a Black Pencil Skirt and Black heels. Kiwi Green is that girl that can take you through a number of looks.

Sage Green

Green Fashion Summer Trend 2022

Sage green is a wonderful color: it’s earthy, calming, and versatile. It is a cool color, meaning it’s on the blue side of purple. It compliments colors that are close to sage green (or in the same family). That means that your outfit will look great if you wear a lot of orange or yellow. But sage green may not be the right choice for outfits with more saturated colors like reds and pinks because they’ll clash with it.

This particular shade was seen on the Jacquemus runway with his muted Sage Green Sweaters which re-introduced the Sweater in a cool fun way that can be worn with more than just a frumpy dress or a chic fall cover-up. Sage Green can easily wash you out if you have a pale skin tone or are paired with the wrong colors as explained above.  This is for the girls and guys who are into Fashion but not much intro trends but still want to look cool and stylish!


Green Fashion Trend 2022

I know you immediately thought about the nuts and you are absolutely correct! Fashion is not subjective and inspiration for trends and colors can come in all forms, including food! If you look closely at the Pistachio nut’s bag, you will notice a shade of green that is subtle yet bold and it immediately draws you in. Of course, the nuts themselves are green and delicious!

This color was seen in New Zealand-born Designer Paris Georgia’s Collection and was showcased in a pretty pistachio silk maxi skirt and accompanying long-sleeved button-down sateen shirt! If you are a Fashion gworl with a few extra coins, you can find these pieces on Revolve.


Summer is a great time to change up your look and experiment with a number of trends! If you are not quite sure what to wear this season, invest in a shade of green from this list above! If you are not yet convinced about this color, you could always enter this trend by opting for something as simple as accessories until you are confident enough to go full steam ahead.

Comment below if you already have pieces in this colorway or if you plan on investing in a few of the pieces. 

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#This Just In! Green is the Colour of Summer 2022

#This Just In! Green is the Colour of Summer 2022

#This Just In! Green is the Colour of Summer 2022

#This Just In! Green is the Colour of Summer 2022

#This Just In! Green is the Colour of Summer 2022

#This Just In! Green is the Colour of Summer 2022

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