GenX Carnival Announces Thrilling New Theme for Miami Carnival 2024: “RAVENOUS”

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GenX Carnival is excited to unveil the exhilarating new theme for Miami Carnival 2024: “RAVENOUS.” This year’s theme draws inspiration from the animal kingdom, particularly the predators that have evolved against all odds to become the ultimate conquerors of adversity, reigning supreme at the top of their respective food chains. 

GenX Carnival Announces Thrilling New Theme for Miami Carnival 2024: “RAVENOUS”

GenXS Miami Band Launch

The “Ravenous” theme celebrates the parallels between the strength, resilience, and dominance of alpha predators and the remarkable achievements of our people in the face of numerous setbacks and obstacles. Just as these powerful creatures navigate and conquer their environments with unparalleled skill and tenacity, our people too have shown extraordinary capabilities in overcoming challenges and achieving greatness. This theme highlights the primal, unyielding drive within all of us to strive for excellence and triumph over obstacles. 

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Matthew Waddel, GenX band director, explains, “’Ravenous’ represents our insatiable hunger for creativity and excellence. We aim to push the boundaries of what Carnival can be, offering an experience that is both visually stunning and emotionally powerful. The spirit of alpha predators symbolizes the strength and determination we see in human endeavors, from groundbreaking innovations to personal triumphs.” 

Tagyei Belinfante, GenX’s marketing director, adds,

“Our goal is to create a sense of anticipation and excitement that lasts well beyond the Carnival itself. ‘Ravenous’ is about celebrating that unquenchable desire for life and community that defines Carnival. It’s about recognizing that, like the greatest predators, we too can achieve the extraordinary through resilience and strength.” 

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The virtual band launch for “Ravenous” is set for June 27 at 8 PM. Expect to be wowed by vibrant and innovative designs, which promise to captivate and inspire. The highly anticipated Immortals J’ouvert and GenX Carnival Road March events, scheduled for October 12th and 13th respectively, are set to bring Miami Carnival alive with color, music, and vibes. Pre-registration for GenX Carnival 2024 is now open. As an added bonus GenX is offering a complimentary J’ouvert package and an upgraded swag bag as an added incentive to pre-register today. Don’t miss out on being part of this electrifying journey. 


GenX Carnival, originally known as Generation X, was founded in 1999. It was born from a radical new concept at the time, which focused efforts on curating memorable and lasting customer-centric experiences. This mission has driven their efforts to reshape Miami’s carnival scene ever since. In 2019, the band welcomed new owners Matthew Waddell, Tagyei Belinfante, Ajene Green, and Marc Christian, who continue to carry forward this legacy of innovation and excellence. 

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