How Millennials are Changing the Work Culture … Period

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Do you love your job? No? Well, it’s time to change that and whether you believe that or not, it’s 100% possible.

2020 has taught us that if we hate something, we have the power to change it and be intentional in all our actions. As a 34 year old woman, and proud Millennial, I can happily say, “my generation” is changing the work culture and I love it!

We are no longer staying in jobs we hate, just because they “pay the bills”, instead, we are taking a look at our life and mental health and being intentional about investing our time in things that bring us real joy. Anything that does not bring us joy, we are not interested in it, and we are moving all the way on from that. One of those things is of course a job! We need a job to survive and help us to have access to things like shelter, transportation, food, clothing and the list goes on, but gone are the days when people my age would stay in a job they hate.

Approximately 50% of workers are now considered Millennials. Many companies are struggling to attract and retain these individuals, though there is no denying that Millennials are dramatically shaping the culture of corporations across the globe. –

Here are a few ways How Millennials are Changing the Work Culture … Period


How Millennials are Changing the Work Culture … Period


Demanding Flexibility

Millennials demand and expect flexibility from than jobs than previous generations and this is a non-negotiable for us. We are looking for jobs that allow us to work from home and get paid time off, and not be pressured to respond to calls and messages after work hours. Flexibility also means selecting our work hours.

Asking for Higher Salaries

This is a tough one! Here in Jamaica, there are some jobs that pay really well and will pay you your worth (based on the Degree you have) and of course there are those who pay terribly.  I can’t say for the rest of the world, but once you start a new job, there is a probationary period of 3 months or 90 days where you pretty much work and you and/or the company decides if the job is right for you and you will also get a probationary pay. This is supposed to change once you become a full time employee, but in most cases it does not. The Pay is also not revised even if you are with the company for over a decade! Millennials on the other hand, we are asking for what we want and asking for higher salaries. Digital Marketing for example is not as large scale as it is in other parts of the world, so the typical pay is JMD$120,000 – JMD$180,000 or USD$895 -$990USD where as in the US, the pay is between USD $3,500 – USD $10,000 — in Jamaican Dollars, that is between half a million dollars to a million dollars compared to the equivalent of a measly USD $895 you can see why we are asking for higher salaries.  

Speaking out Against Toxic Work Environment

Hands up if you ever been in a Toxic Work Environment! In this type of environment, nothing goes according to your Contract, Ethics, Morals or just being treated as a Human Being. There is always that one job (or 5) where the Manager or CEO is a “Do as I say, not as I do type pf Person”, where they do not lead by example. They get on employees cases when they show up to work a few minutes late, when they show up to work late and leave early every day and they never pay you on time, as “there is no money coming in” even though they take their families to a different All-Inclusive Hotel every week. Just to top it all off, they speak down to you in a disrescpecful manner as if you are not human. Nope, us millennials do not stand for that and no matter who you are, we are calling you out in the most diplomatic and professional way possible.

respect at work

Demanding Respect

This is going back to the point above — Millennials do not stand for disrespect!! We do not care who you are, how much money you have or how many successful businesses you have, we will not be disrespected. This is not to be confused with “entitlement”, it’s all about good old fashioned R.E.S.P.E.C.T . Please speak to us in a manner you would like to be spoken to with involves a calm tone, do not shout at us, do not throw things at us as we will throw back and do not give us a task to complete 5 minutes before the day is about to end as it will be ignored until the next day. You get so much more out of people once you allow them to feel valued — do your due diligence and show some respect to your staff members.

If you are a Millennial at work, tell us some of the ways you are changing the culture at the place where you work and what are some of the things you’ve experienced that are less than professional.

Tell us in the comments section below.

#How Millennials are Changing the Work Culture … Period

#How Millennials are Changing the Work Culture … Period

#How Millennials are Changing the Work Culture … Period

#How Millennials are Changing the Work Culture … Period

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